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How to Write Useful Technical Garment Descriptions

Technical garment descriptions are written by fashion designers to make the jobs of everyone on the production team including the technical designer, pattern maker, and sample maker- easier. The technical description should be to the point and clarify in a snapshot what the product entails. It’s the first thing everyone on your team reads and if it’s done right it can save you time and money in the long-run.

You may have heard of product descriptions, which is more creative and used for sales and marketing. Product descriptions are ultimately derived from the technical garment descriptions, so this is your first stepping stone!

A garment description should be simple and include only the necessary words to help describe and identify your product quickly. As the designer, you need to be able to articulate the technical garment description and be fully versed in all of the correct terminologies to avoid complications later on! If you’re having trouble writing the descriptions you can always get help from the pattern maker or technical designer.

Technical descriptions should begin with the target market include product and fabric information and then proceed to details.

Below is a general guideline that you can use to help you:

1. Intended Consumer (ladies, men, children) 2. Fabric: Fiber content (cotton, polyester) 3. Fabric: Construction Type (Jersey, Interlock, twill) 4. Product Category/Type (skirt, pant, dress) 5. Sub-category/Finer Details (can include more than one word) (asymmetrical, briefs, mini,) 6. Product Basic Silhouette (overall shape/fit of the garment) (A-line, semi-fitted, wide-leg) 7. Closure type/value additions (zipper, elastic and/or printed, embroidered)

And an example for your reference (color-coded):

Ladies’ cotton twill corduroy A-line mini skirt with seamed pockets and invisible back zipper.

To learn more about garment technical descriptions visit the fashion-incubator.

What kind of problems have you experienced making technical garment descriptions?

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