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Strategic Apparel Sourcing Consultant | Educator & Entrepreneurship Coach

Social Responsibility Advocate | Sustainable Fashion Innovator

Fashion Designer Start Up Business

Pioneering Innovation

Since childhood, I've been hooked on sewing, inspired by the wizards of the needle in my family. With over two decades of stitching under my belt and a Fashion Design degree, I dove into entrepreneurship.  In 2004 I launched Shortstak Childrenswear,  recognized for its innovation and creativity. With the help of 4 sales reps, we sold to boutiques across North America.

Facing Reality

In 2008, employed in the chaos of New York's corporate jungle, I had an “aha” moment. It hit me like a ton of sustainably sourced bricks – the environmental havoc wreaked by fast fashion. That "aha" moment? It birthed Pure Blankz Organic Fashion, my commitment to a greener tomorrow. We were a pioneer of sustainable fashion and snagged a spot as one of the Top 40 Innovators in Apparel Magazine.

Building Bridges

In 2014, I established Source My Garment as a crucial bridge connecting fashion brands with ethical manufacturing partners. Drawing upon my expertise in sustainable product development and offshore manufacturing, we spearheaded the adoption of responsible production methods. Our sustainable practices catalyzed industry-wide discussions and earned acclaim from leading publications.

Fashion Supply Chain Transparency
Source My garment Book

Sharing Knowledge

In 2019, "Source My Garment – The Insider’s Guide to Responsible Offshore Manufacturing" empowered countless brands to embrace sustainability. This comprehensive guide demystifies ethical production complexities.  Proudly, it is carried in libraries globally and used as part of educational curricula.

Championing Change

The launch of The Good Tee in 2020 marked a milestone in our mission to humanize the apparel industry. As a certified B Corporation, scoring 113 points, we prioritize Fair Trade Organic Cotton and empower both makers and wearers. We quickly gained recognition for our advocacy of supply chain transparency, earning features in prestigious publications such as Forbes, BuzzFeed, and Elle magazine.

Today and always, this is my WHY

Every garment tells a story. Through mutual understanding and empathy, we weave a narrative of positive change. Our goal is to support factories and brands on the journey towards a brighter, more responsible tomorrow.


"Safeguarding the rights of others is the most noble and beautiful end of a human being."

- Khalil Gibran

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