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Ready to Sew the Seeds of Success?

Personalized Solutions and Expert Guidance for Your Fashion Business!

Are you feeling uncertain about the next steps for your fashion business? Feeling like your fashion dreams are hanging by a thread?  Let's thread the needle together and weave your uncertainties into profitable strategies!"


Entrepreneurship can be very lonely, so don't go at it alone.

As a seasoned fashion entrepreneur, I've not only helped countless dreamers like you turn their fashion fantasies into fabulous realities, but I've also launched successful brands that have granted me the autonomy and freedom you desire. I'll unlock the secrets to running a fashion brand, drawing from my experience and expertise. With over 18 years of experience, I offer personalized advice backed by real-life examples and strategies for success. 


Picture this: Your fashion brand flourishing with creativity, innovation, and sustainable growth. Your vision is our mission, and this call is where it all begins!

Secure your spot for a 60-minute consultation call today to:

actionable steps in fashion business

Receive expert 1:1 guidance and action steps specific to your business.

actionable steps in fashion business

Map out the essential steps toward fashion production

cost reduction

Cultivate efficiency, innovation, and cost-reduction strategies

garment production

Develop the confidence to drive sustainable business growth

business strategy

Strengthen and refine your business & brand strategy

fashion business goals

Pre-discuss your business goals, ensuring you move forward with clarity and assurance

This stitch-tacular call includes:

  • A recording to keep for your scrapbook.

  • Personalized advice just for you.

  • All your burning questions are answered in style!

P.S. Got more questions or need something custom? Slide into our inbox at

adila [at] and let's chat fashion!

Packages are available upon request.

Don't just take my word for it—see how I've helped others strut their stuff with confidence!

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Adila Cokar is a media-acclaimed, award-winning serial entrepreneur and the author of "Source My Garment – The Insider’s Guide to Responsible Offshore Manufacturing." With over 18 years of experience in the fashion industry, Adila is an expert in sustainable product development, offshore manufacturing processes, and business strategy. She is the force behind The Good Tee, a B-Corp Certified basics brand, featured in Forbes and Elle Magazine.

“Starting a clothing line can be daunting, I trust Source My Garment more than anyone with my line. They make things happen and I can be sure it’s manufactured right and ethically. If you are thinking about getting help manufacturing your line I can tell you it would be the best and smartest decision you could make.”

Creative Director/owner of Aleem Arif

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