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Source My Garment Visits Factory Astro Profile

Factory Astro

A committed workplace with quality in mind

Who they are?

Astro Apparels is among the fastest growing garment manufacturing export organizations in India from the knitted garment industry. Besides their growth, their value lies in their fulfillment of high ethical standards. This includes creating the best workplace for their 150 employees and giving superb attention to quality in all the manufacturing processes.

Started in 1997, Astro Apparel is dedicated to creating a harmonious work environment. They are committed to understanding the needs of their employees, keeping technology up-to-date and providing career growth options as well as recognizing the contribution of all employees and their families.

Astro Apparels makes certain that from the yarn they use to the knitting machines or even in processing and production, attention to detail and care are a part of the procedure.

Their Passion

The factory goes above and beyond to adhere to all facilities and safety requirements of international standards. It holds, 10 cutting tables, 65 single needle machines, individual quality checking tables, 50- 4 thread and overlock machines, 15- 5 thread overlock machine and more, two inhouse printing units— capable of stitching 7500 tees a day!

At Astro Apparels, quality control is not a simply a part of the job. They maintain reports at every level. After stitching, garments are checked for any handling or oil stains and are spot cleaned. Only machines of high quality are selected as well as light tables to make certain that there are no flaws in the fabric.

Positivity and Discipline

Walking into the Astro, a positive atmosphere can be felt that is created by the owner and each factory worker. Everyone is knowledgeable, friendly and eager to explain what he or she does. Back in 2010, when meeting the head merchandiser S. Kumar, you could see his knowledge and skills right away. From sample to shipment (a long a arduous process), Mr. Kumar shines as an excellent communicator for buyers. Mani, the owner, is a responsible, kind-hearted and compassionate person who is ready to help out wherever he can.

Interview With The Owner Mani

Q: What does your typical day look like? A: We used to have a prayer meeting every day at 9 AM and every one in the factory will participate in it. After the prayer one person from the department (I had 6 departments and each department will conduct the prayer daily) will tell a story with a moral either team work or spiritual. The person who stitches the garment with good intention and feeling that what he stitches should make the person wearing it happy, than that garment speaks with the buyer in a subtle way and even with out his awareness he choses it. We all believe that consciousness is present in every manifestation.

I don’t hold meetings. I go to my factory look into my finance and I am back, orders are taken (many a times I am not involved in this process too) production is done and shipment made. Off course there will be problems but it’s solved by my team itself. Q: What is the best part about your job? A: Respecting and giving freedom to the people who work under me.” Q: How did you get into this line of work? A: Wanted to be a business man always and was helping a few friends with communication with their buyers while studying, once I graduated I opened my factory”. Q: What puts a smile on your face? A: Seeing people working under me enjoying their work.” Q: What is your favorite past time or hobby? A: Reading /listening to philosophy”. Q: How would you describe your team? Who are the main people or heads of the organization? A: A self disciplined team.

  1. Mr. Maikandan- Head of Documentation/ fabric Departments

  2. Mr. Nandakumar- Production Manager

  3. Mr. Shivakumar – Senior Merchandiser

  4. Mr. Srinivasan – Financial head.”

Q: If you could change one thing in the world, what would it be? A: First of all I would like to realize my self and wish people do the same. I feel if one realizes him-self he will come to know that he is not confined to his body and will appreciate and respect every other creation.” Q: What is a challenge you faced in the last week? A: I don’t think anything with regard to business”. Q: What is your favourite childhood memory? A: Taking part in Games and sports during school days.” Q: Is there a motto (life mantra or philosophy) that you have for yourself? A: Self-realization is the key to world peace. A person who does his duty searches for God, for a person who has realized God duty becomes his way of living. Live a simple life so others live simply- Mahatma Gandhi.

At Source My Garment we value transparency in all our practices. Want to find out more? Leave a comment or question.

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