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Educational Workshops

Ready to get your ideas made? 


🚀Managing the end-to-end product development and manufacturing journey.
Join Adila Cokar, the visionary founder of The Good Tee and author of "Source My Garment," for an immersive experience like no other: The Apparel Manufacturing Bootcamp For Startups. Get ready to unlock the secrets to transforming your concepts into profitable products with confidence and clarity.
Over two intensive days, this workshop will empower you to navigate every aspect of the apparel manufacturing journey, from sourcing to product development. Gain invaluable insights and practical strategies to streamline your processes, manage your resources effectively, and ensure top-notch quality for your customers – all while maximizing your bottom line.

📋 Key Workshop Topics:

🔧 Designing for Production: Master the art of creating designs that are optimized for manufacturing, ensuring efficiency and quality at every stage.

Production Planning & Time Management: Learn essential techniques to plan and manage your production schedule effectively, maximizing productivity and minimizing delays.

💰 Budgeting, Pricing & Target Costs: Dive into the intricacies of financial management, pricing strategies, and cost optimization to ensure profitability without compromising on quality.

📝 Counter Sampling Comments & Approvals: Navigate the sampling process with confidence, providing clear feedback and approvals to achieve the perfect final product.

🏭 Factory Sourcing (Local and Offshore): Discover the ins and outs of sourcing the right manufacturing partners, both locally and offshore, to meet your production needs efficiently and to spec.

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UNLOCK THE SECRETS: How To Get Your Business to Run Without You Workshop 

🌐Productivity tips and tricks to help entrepreneurs focus and foster growth.

Ready to take your business to the next level? Join Adila Cokar, Founder of The Good Tee, Author, and garment manufacturing consultant of Source My Garment, for an exclusive workshop designed to empower entrepreneurs like you with invaluable productivity insights. Learn to work smarter, not harder, and set your business on the path to automation for unparalleled growth.

Adila will share her journey of automating her company, providing practical advice and strategies to streamline your workflow and elevate your business. Gain invaluable insights into:

🧠 Brain Dumps: Declutter your mind and prioritize tasks efficiently.

🗓️ Task Management: Master daily, weekly, and monthly planning for optimal productivity.

🗺️ Roadmaps & Workback Schedules: Plot a course for success with strategic planning.

📘 Standard Operating Procedures: Develop clear, effective processes for smooth operations.

🌐 Real-world Examples: Learn from successful design startups that have implemented these strategies.

🛠️ Automation Tools: Explore tools for marketing, workflows, and sales to enhance efficiency.

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adila cokary garment manufacturing consultant

About the educator:

Adila Cokar is a media-acclaimed, award-winning serial entrepreneur and the author of "Source My Garment – The Insider’s Guide to Responsible Offshore Manufacturing." With over 18 years of experience in the fashion industry, Adila is an expert in sustainable product development, offshore manufacturing processes, and business strategy. She is the force behind The Good Tee, a B-Corp Certified basics brand, featured in Forbes and  Elle Magazine.

 Connect with Adila:

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