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Why Clothing Labels Tell Us Nothing About The Fabric

What can clothing labels tell us about the fabric?

Nothing really.

This label says 97% cotton/ 3% spandex. This is the content of the fibers. This could be for anything from a t-shirt to jeans. Below are 5 other key ingredients not listed on the label to get the fabric you want. This information should be listed on your technical design packet.

In order of importance:

  1. Is it knit or woven? In most cases asking yourself if it is stretchy or not will help you with this question.

  2. What type of knit or weave? For example a knit could be jersey or interlock.

  3. What weight is the fabric? How much does it weigh per meter or yard squared?

  4. What gauge or diameter are the yarns used when weaving or knitting the fabric?

  5. Lastly, what finish was done to the fabric? For instance a softener or enzyme wash might be used to make a softer hand.What have you learned about your fabric in your design process that has surprised you?

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