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Empower Your Fashion Business with Clear Budgeting


Starting your journey as a fashion designer requires meticulous financial planning. Our Budgeting for Garment Production Template is specifically designed for start-up fashion designers to help you establish target costs and create a comprehensive production budget.

This essential tool will guide you through the process of using a "Mock" Purchase Order (PO) to set clear financial targets and ensure your production stays on track.


Key Features for Budgeting:

1.Comprehensive Cost Calculation:

"Mock" Purchase Order: The template includes a "Mock" PO to help you determine your target costs, encompassing all production-related expenses. This includes fabric, materials, embellishments, trims, labels, packaging, production costs, and any duties/taxes for importing products if manufacturing overseas.

Accurate Cost Estimation: Get a rough estimate of your product costs with the factory’s input, ensuring you have a realistic budget from the start.


2.Pricing and Target Costs:

Establish Target Costs: Define how much you are willing to pay for your product, including all associated costs except shipping. By setting target costs, you give the factory a clear standard to meet.

Pricing Strategy: Work through the template to establish your target product costs, which helps in setting competitive retail and wholesale prices.

3.User-Friendly and Customizable:

Editable in Excel: Customize the template to fit your specific needs and production processes. Adjust costs and pricing as needed to reflect changes in materials, volumes, or market conditions.

Intuitive Design: Designed for ease of use, even for those with limited financial experience, allowing you to navigate and input data seamlessly.

4.Factory Collaboration:

Clear Communication: Provide the factory with your target costs to ensure they understand your quality standards and budget constraints. This collaboration helps in aligning production goals and expectations.

Efficient Budget Management: By sharing your budget and cost expectations with the factory, you can work together to optimize production processes and costs.


Why Your Business Needs This Template:

  • Financial Clarity: Gain a clear understanding of your production costs and budget requirements.
  • Strategic Pricing: Establish target costs to help set competitive retail and wholesale prices.
  • Factory Alignment: Ensure the factory understands your financial targets, leading to better communication and production efficiency.
  • Customizable Planning: Adapt the template to your specific business needs, providing flexibility and control over your budgeting process.


Invest in the Budgeting for Garment Production Template to streamline your financial planning and ensure a successful start to your fashion business.


Empower your budgeting process and take control of your production costs. Download your template today and set the foundation for a profitable and well-managed fashion business!

Budgeting for Garment Production Template

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