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Yearly Tasks To Planning For A Successful Fashion Label

December is a crazy time in the year, as is the rest of the months when you are business of fashion. Despite the pace, it’s imperative as an entrepreneur that you take a couple hours the beginning of the year to organize the year ahead. This will help grow your apparel company as well as help balance your life.


You only need a few to keep you busy all year & It’s uber important to track your progress. Also review past year goals. Have you reached them?

  1. Personal

  2. Business


  1. Plan designs/bodies for at least two seasons ahead so you can focus on sales/marketing/business. This doesn’t have to be completely finished-at least a direction or outline.

  2. Review what sold and what didn’t sell with last year.

Fashion Marketing

  1. What types of new marketing initiatives can you implement that can attract more clients?

  2. (Make a plan/ weekly to dos) Offline (tradeshows, contests) & Online (eg Monthly newsletters, social media, SEO) Be creative!

  3. Determine Yearly budget and plan accordingly.

Break Even

  1. Review income and expense forecast and past year.

  2. What is the break even?

Cash Flow

  1. Cash flow forecast

  2. Expense budget

Wishing you all the best in the New Year. If there is anything else that you do yearly that i’ve not posted-I’d love to hear what you do. Please leave a comment.

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