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Go Niche Or Go Broke

Not sure what direction to take with your company? To better ensure your garments sell, I suggest first choosing a market and then create something geared to that market.

I had a vision for my company. I wanted to create eco-friendly products. But what? I still did not know what market I wanted to be in. I knew there was a need for sustainably made kids clothing. I found a niche in the apparel industry. I also knew that I love kids. Guided by my passion and a niche- I started a company based on ethical and sustainable childrenswear. What are you passionate about? What are your hobbies? What do you chose to surround yourself with? See Post # 2 or “the spark”. 1) Once you have chosen your market-study every aspect of it. This can and should take a considerable amount of time. Know enough information that you could write a 25 page document on this industry.

2) What is missing in that market, where is the niche in the market? What can you do better? Can you solve a problem?

Really take the time to figure this out and think about your marketing strategy. It will lead you with design and help with sales. Without a niche you will be lost in the deep sea and it will be a struggle to survive. Doing so will form solid roots so that the company will survive and grow.

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