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An Itch to Design… Not Sure Just Where To Start?

When I first got into the eco-friendly business side of apparel, I knew little, actually nothing about sustainability. I was the person that ran the tap even if I wasn’t using the water; I was guilty of not recycling.

Many years ago I attended a class at F.I.T. (Fashion Institute of Technology in New York). The class had an open conversation about new developments in the industry. One of the students mentioned cotton and the use of toxic chemicals. I delved in deeper and learned about the devastating effects that the apparel industry has on the environment and people. Sustainability at the time was relatively new to the industry and learning about the damaging impact of apparel manufacturing sparked me into wanting to be a voice of change. In the process, I also learned about myself, my beliefs and what is important to me. That was my spark.

Even though l did not know what products i wanted to design- a spark gave me direction. A business strategy to help me market my business.

Like me, maybe you’ve always dreamed of having your own business. Have you dreamt of setting your own work hours and designing products? It all starts with a dream. Some of you may be able to envision that lifestyle but you may not know what the business is. That’s okay! You are not alone.

To start I suggest

Look around. Look within. Listen. Be Conscious. Be Curious. people are saying. This is your time to learn about yourself; What magazines do you read? What do you love doing? What are your beliefs? Is there anything you are an expert in or is there something that sparks your interest to dig deeper. Take the time to learn about yourself. You will find your spark

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